Digital Workforce

Outsourcing,S.A. Digital Workforce automates your company's processes and service channels with software-based robots, agilely transforming processes, improving your end-users' experience and increasing your operations' productivity. Our robots become virtual workers who are integrated into your team to address your organizations' challenges.


Simulate the answers of a service consultant through the chat of your website and Facebook Messenger.


Performs repetitive activities that a person would do on their computer, reducing their operational workload.


Connecting your users through different channels including as telephone, SMS or application portals to provide timely information

Digital Workforce Benefits

Digital Workforce represents an opportunity for:

Non-invasive technology.

Integration in organizations.

Reduction of risks, increasing compliance with information security

24/7 Availability.

Easy implementation.

Reduction of costs, elimination of manual activities.

Our digital workforce is different

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How we do it:

Processes automation and transformation require an understanding of technologies in the market, process engineering, customer service strategies, optimization of operations, user-preference understanding, and knowledge of where the market is going. Our team works together to study our clients’ needs and the best way to automate processes.