The advantage of working with Outsourcing S.A.

27 Years as an advocate for companies, managing and improving the end-user experience with efficient solutions that optimize companies and operations, seeking to generate First Contact Resolutions in their BPO & Contact Center processes.



Reduce costs and improve processes to give the best experience to your patients.


Implement efficient operations, with agile solutions for your processes.


Eliminate the risks in your processes, to improve your users' experience with our solutions

About us

We are Outsourcing Computer Services S.A.S BIC a BPO & Contact Center company with over 27 years of experience in managing the acquisition, service and maintenance of customers, by focusing on the welfare of our customers and employees. Our services allow companies to control costs and to access to emerging technologies, without the need for new investments; we also provide an excellent service to our clients’, and end-users which generates loyalty and new sources of income.



We efficiently manage your processes, taking care of our people.


In 2030 we will be leaders transforming processes and customer experiences.

Central Purpose

Improve lives, our commitment.

We work from our values, making a difference in our work.



We believe and trust in our inner strength, supported by a superior being.

We transmit transparency and sincerity. We speak with the truth.

We recognize our mistakes. We serve others before ourselves.

We accept with love the ideas and beliefs of others.

We are continuously improving our processes and services, maximizing resources.



128: Cra 7 # 127 – 48

Centro: Cra 13A # 22 – 54

Teusaquillo: Calle 31B # 14 – 25

Optimus: Av. El Dorado # 96j – 66

La Esperanza: Cra 72b # 23 – 36

Calle 80: Calle 80 # 55a-13


Calle 10sur # 51a – 55


Cra 2 # 24 - 116


Av. 30 de agosto # 40 - 09

Our team

Ricardo Durán

President and Founder

John Santafe

General Manager

Alexandra Martínez

Human Resources Manager

Gustavo Parra

Financial and Administrative Manager

Alexander Aparicio Romero

Analytics Manager

Jairo López

Technology Manager

Success stories

Through experience we have understood the impact on any change, and therefore we present Outsourcing S.A.'s success cases, which will help you understand the best practices, thus facilitating the change towards the solution of your needs.

Massive Consume

In the Alpina operation we managed to establish the continuity of the service, achieving the proposed objectives and generating mutual benefits, this was achieved thanks to the joint work between the areas involved, the understanding of the needs of our client in the management of their service channels and to the constant accompaniment of our agents by the Human Management area, making evident our commitment to Improve Lives.

Government Sector

An award from the Colombian Association of Contact Centers & BPO, as a success case in social responsibility through customer service; for professionalism, good work with quality and effectiveness in telephone advice to children and teenagers. The award was given within the framework of the 3rd Customer Experience Summit, where the industry's excellence in customer interactions is rewarded.

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