Through continuous processes improvement supported by technological tools positioned in the market, Outsourcing,S.A. offers its customers the possibility of integrating and automating their business processes through the Oracle BPM Suite 12C solution.

This solution includes tools for modeling, parameterization, optimization, integration and supervision. Oracle BPM Suite 12C, is a software that empowers business users through their own processes, achieving an effective collaboration between IT and other areas in the organization.

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To guarantee the correct automation of the processes in the Oracle BPM Suite 12C solution, it is necessary to execute the following methodology: • Understand the processes: Once the identification of inputs and outputs is done, the roles and actors of the process are defined. • Information gathering. • Modeling of As-Is and To-Be processes under BPMN 2.0 notation. • CANVAS model structuring: Alignment of automation with the organization's strategy. Here are the users that are owners of the processes are involved. • User screen designs. • Technical document - Screens detail. • Implementation.

BPM Benefits

Main and alternative process flow

Monitoring and control of KPIs

Process management forms.

Availability of automatic reports

Improvement in cycle times.

Mitigation of human error.

Process improvement

Flow of main and alternative processes